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Hi there!  And welcome to my blog! 

I'm Brenda, and I LOVE my job.  Being able to do something for a living that never really feels like "work" is amazing.  I am a 2005 graduate of the University of Georgia where I studied art and photography.  Since then I started digging my heels into all areas of photography, trying to find my niche.  Once I tagged along as a second shooter at a wedding with a friend, I knew I had found it.  I love that I get to be a part of such an important day in people's lives and document it for generations to pass on. 

Baltimore Wedding | Grey Rock Mansion | Kara + Nick

Woo hoo!  Go Ravens!!!!  It’s so hard to say coming from an Atlanta Falcon…but seeing as how my birds didn’t quite make it, I was glad to see Kara and Nick’s birds win the Superbowl tonight!  So, I was inspired to blog their amazing Baltimore wedding.  I know what you are thinking…Baltimore…that’s quite random.  But Kara is the sorority sister at Auburn of sooo many of my previous brides and has always been a fan of my work.  So, when she got engaged she just couldn’t see choosing anyone else but me…even if it meant flying me in for the weekend! :)  I was so happy to do it!

And the crazy thing was I already knew who my second shooter would be when I found out it was in Baltimore!  I met Amanda Pappas on a photography forum back in 2009.  I call her my soulmate sister because, though I had never met her in person, we had been through some monumental events in our lives at the same exact time.  We had shared many emails with each other back then as a source of support, encouragement and joy that helped us carry through the hard times.  So, I think…no, I KNOW…that God had a plan for me to actually meet her in person and give her the hug I had wanted to for years.  So God sent me the wonderful Kara and Nick.   We got to hang out for a bit on Friday before the wedding and catch up on the past year and I got to meet her incredibly adorable son, Blake (who, by the way, is my daughter’s future hubby).  I’m so glad she was available and willing to second shoot for me…she is an amazing photographer.  If you are looking for a wedding photographer in the Baltimore Area, check out her site and give her a call.  Many of the pics in this blog were from her.

We started the day at Kara’s childhood home.  Though it rained most of the day I was so happy to see this awesome sunroom.  (Natural-light-happy-dance!)

2013-02-03_001 2013-02-03_002 2013-02-03_003 2013-02-03_004 2013-02-03_005 2013-02-03_006 2013-02-03_007 2013-02-03_008 2013-02-03_009 2013-02-03_010 2013-02-03_011

2013-02-03_012 Mom fluffing the dress:)2013-02-03_013 2013-02-03_014 2013-02-03_015 2013-02-03_016 2013-02-03_017 May be my favorite flowergirl moment ever!2013-02-03_018 2013-02-03_019 2013-02-03_020 2013-02-03_021 2013-02-03_0712013-02-03_022 2013-02-03_023 2013-02-03_024 2013-02-03_025 2013-02-03_026 2013-02-03_027 2013-02-03_028 2013-02-03_029 2013-02-03_030 2013-02-03_031 2013-02-03_032 2013-02-03_033 No one dreams of rain on their wedding day, but Kara handled it with such grace.2013-02-03_034 2013-02-03_035 2013-02-03_036 2013-02-03_037 2013-02-03_038 2013-02-03_039 2013-02-03_040 2013-02-03_041 2013-02-03_042 2013-02-03_043 2013-02-03_044 2013-02-03_045 2013-02-03_046 2013-02-03_047 2013-02-03_048 2013-02-03_049 2013-02-03_050 2013-02-03_051 2013-02-03_052 2013-02-03_053 2013-02-03_054 2013-02-03_055 2013-02-03_056 2013-02-03_057 2013-02-03_058 2013-02-03_059 2013-02-03_060 2013-02-03_061
2013-02-03_063 2013-02-03_064 2013-02-03_065 2013-02-03_066 2013-02-03_067 2013-02-03_069 2013-02-03_070
2013-02-03_072 2013-02-03_073 2013-02-03_074 2013-02-03_075 2013-02-03_076 2013-02-03_077 2013-02-03_078 2013-02-03_079 2013-02-03_080 2013-02-03_081 2013-02-03_082 2013-02-03_083 2013-02-03_084 2013-02-03_085 2013-02-03_086 2013-02-03_087 2013-02-03_088 2013-02-03_089 2013-02-03_090 2013-02-03_091 2013-02-03_092 2013-02-03_093 2013-02-03_094 2013-02-03_095 2013-02-03_096 2013-02-03_097 2013-02-03_098 2013-02-03_099 Call me maybe?2013-02-03_100 2013-02-03_101 2013-02-03_102 2013-02-03_103Recognize the couple on the right?  That’s Caitlin and John!
2013-02-03_104 2013-02-03_105 2013-02-03_106

Kara and Nick, thank you so much for flying me up to be a part of your amazing wedding!  I’m so glad to have met you both!