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Brenda Upton Photography bio picture


Hi there!  And welcome to my blog! 

I'm Brenda, and I LOVE my job.  Being able to do something for a living that never really feels like "work" is amazing.  I am a 2005 graduate of the University of Georgia where I studied art and photography.  Since then I started digging my heels into all areas of photography, trying to find my niche.  Once I tagged along as a second shooter at a wedding with a friend, I knew I had found it.  I love that I get to be a part of such an important day in people's lives and document it for generations to pass on. 

Geoff & Ellie: aka Gellie

I love Geoff and Ellie’s celebrity couple name so much: Gellie.  I thought mine and my husband’s was good (Brenjamin), but you really can’t beat Gellie.   Haha.  Gellie are just such a fun and hilarious couple and their wedding was amazing!  While I could do a whole blog post just on the awesome reception pics, I gotta throw in some of the rest of the day too!
Here are the guys hanging at the bar beforehand…

And the ladies getting ready
Loved the flower girl’s bling

Getting a little choked up before the big moment

Dad, almost ready

Mr. & Mrs. Madden! From here on out I think the pics explain what a great time that was had by all!!

Breaking it down…group singalong style…

And the coolest exit ever…just up the elevator to their room!  Doesn’t get easier than that!


What an awesome time!  Thanks Gellie for having me! :)