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Hi there!  And welcome to my blog! 

I'm Brenda, and I LOVE my job.  Being able to do something for a living that never really feels like "work" is amazing.  I am a 2005 graduate of the University of Georgia where I studied art and photography.  Since then I started digging my heels into all areas of photography, trying to find my niche.  Once I tagged along as a second shooter at a wedding with a friend, I knew I had found it.  I love that I get to be a part of such an important day in people's lives and document it for generations to pass on. 

Georgian Terrace Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Kerri & Eric

I know I say it alot, but…LOVE Kerri and Eric. I told Kerri after her wedding that she was my spirit animal…it’s true. She and Eric are hilarious and never stopped smiling and laughing all day. Which made me smile all day…which made my cheeks hurt. Bonus: get married on one of the most famous streets in Atlanta on one of the busiest weekends and make sure they shut down the road in front. We had complete access in front of the Fox where I would normally be playing Frogger with cars.  Super Bonus: have it be DragonCon weekend and a Storm (from X-Men) impersonator calling a storm in front of the Fox. Add on a roof top sunset and you got ke-0009 ke-0027 ke-0029 ke-0030 ke-0051 ke-0059 ke-0063 ke-0068 ke-0072 ke-0075 ke-0079 ke-0080 ke-0084 ke-0089ke-0095ke-0100ke-0110ke-0116ke-0129ke-0133ke-0134ke-0141ke-0144ke-0162ke-0164ke-0172ke-0192ke-0194ke-0196ke-0200ke-0201ke-0207ke-0210ke-0212ke-0219ke-0223ke-0230ke-0234ke-0242ke-0248ke-0252ke-0268ke-0273ke-0279ke-0280ke-0305ke-0307ke-0326ke-0330ke-0333ke-0344ke-0345ke-0346ke-0361ke-0363ke-0378ke-0390ke-0399ke-0405ke-0411ke-0413ke-0484ke-0488ke-0489ke-0491ke-0494ke-0499ke-0501ke-0503ke-0514ke-0529ke-0532ke-0537ke-0543ke-0556ke-0559ke-0561ke-0570ke-0576ke-0581ke-0582ke-0588ke-0596ke-0610ke-0684ke-0690ke-0726ke-0739

Kerri & Eric added a photo booth to their package. Results were epic.2015-09-06_17-56-12 2015-09-06_18-14-16 2015-09-06_18-36-42 2015-09-06_18-54-14 2015-09-06_18-50-52

Even my red, sweaty self and second shooter Stacy jumped in on the action!2015-09-06_18-51-41Forgot to mention Kerri’s amazing wardrobe change!