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Hi there!  And welcome to my blog! 

I'm Brenda, and I LOVE my job.  Being able to do something for a living that never really feels like "work" is amazing.  I am a 2005 graduate of the University of Georgia where I studied art and photography.  Since then I started digging my heels into all areas of photography, trying to find my niche.  Once I tagged along as a second shooter at a wedding with a friend, I knew I had found it.  I love that I get to be a part of such an important day in people's lives and document it for generations to pass on. 

Happy New Year!!!

Woo hoo…2009!!!  And what better way to start the new year than with a new blog!  I hope everyone had a fun safe night and is recovering nicely today….or at least re-hydrating properly. 

The end of 2008 brought a new little bundle of joy to our lives:) Of course I’m talking about my new doggie, Shorty! This little guy wandered up to my brother’s house around the 14th of December, right as we were heading out of town to Tennessee for a Family Reunion.  There was not much he could do but leave him a blanket on his front porch and a bunch of food for him to eat.  Fortunately he stuck around til they got back:)  Since my brother and his wife already have 2 dogs of their own, and 1 they have been fostering for FurKids they couldn’t really keep him.  So, Ben and I thought we’d foster him til we could find him a good home.  And once he showed up he was home:) 

A couple of days later, I took him to the vet to get checked out.  He seemed healthy, but turns out poor little Shorty has heartworms:(  As anyone who has had a pet go through this, they can tell you how incredibly painful and difficult it can be to treat heartworms.  I have learned so much about them through this process.  Call me ignorant, but I had no clue heartworms were contracted from mosquitoes!  That’s why, especially in the South it is so important to keep your pets up to date with the heartworm prevention medication. 

So, even though it is pretty pricey to treat the heartworms that Shorty has, we could not just let him die:(  His treatment began on Monday when he went in for his first round of shots.  The shot is an arsenic derivative that kills the adult worms in his heart.  It is a painful shot that leaves him in alot of pain.  He stayed overnight at the vet then came home.  He has to stay in a crate for 4 weeks, only going outside on a leash to do his business.  He has to stay very calm because if he gets worked up the dead worms in his heart could break up and cause a heart attack, lung embolism and other horrible things.  After his 4 weeks of rest, he then goes back for 2 more injections spaced out over 2 days.  Then 5 more weeks of rest, poor thing!  It’s going to be a tough road with him, but I’m sure he’s a trooper and will pull through.  He is the sweetest dog and the love he gives makes it totally worth the cost and work.  

So, please keep little Shorty in your thoughts and prayers as this treatment is really dangerous.  Here’s a few pics of the Shortstuff.  He’s very tired as you can see.  I’m sure I’ll have some much happier pics once he gets better!

Shorty in his jail…

Check back later for Allison and John’s wedding pics!