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Hi there!  And welcome to my blog! 

I'm Brenda, and I LOVE my job.  Being able to do something for a living that never really feels like "work" is amazing.  I am a 2005 graduate of the University of Georgia where I studied art and photography.  Since then I started digging my heels into all areas of photography, trying to find my niche.  Once I tagged along as a second shooter at a wedding with a friend, I knew I had found it.  I love that I get to be a part of such an important day in people's lives and document it for generations to pass on. 

Nikki & Patrick are engaged!

I am so so so excited to be shooting Nikki and Patrick’s wedding this May. I met Nikki a couple of years ago at Kimball Hall…she is the caterer, Sally’s daughter, and she helps out at alot of the Kimball events. When I heard she was engaged I knew that whomever she was marrying would have to be as hilarious, crazy, and just plain awesome as Nikki. Then I met Patrick. And, there is no doubt that these two are the most perfect match in match history. I mean, if these pics don’t explain that then nothing will:) 114141513Angry Model Face…12109Ok, this is the point in the shoot where I knew they were on the exact same humor wave length. I did not ask them to do this but was oh so happy when they stopped in the middle of our walk and did this…873651And last but not least, a Nikki/Patrick original idea (which I will steal and use in future shoots)2